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Leashrly Life Dog Walking Services of Norfolk

Formerly known as North Wrentham, Norfolk broke away to become an independent town in 1870. Norfolk is nestled in a valley along the Charles River. First established in a push to populate the colonial frontier, the settlement was considered too remote despite offering good agricultural lands and abundant fishing. It was abandoned and then resettled with the establishment of cotton and paper mills. The abandoned Norfolk Airport off of River Road, formerly known as the Henan-Menon Memorial Airport, is privately owned and is used by local residents for recreational purposes, including snowshoeing in the winter. It’s also very popular with dogs year-round!! Follow the paved runway back and forth as your dog enjoys the sights, sounds and smells. There are trails that run through the woods surrounding the runway if you want a walk with more shade. Otherwise, bring your sunscreen, hat and sunglasses! Lind Farm in Norfolk/Wrentham – marked access and parking lot off North Street (near the Wrentham line) is another great place that offers great hiking/walking for people, dogs and even horses. It’s town-owned conservation land that is shared with the Lazy Loopers model airplane club. Consider giving yourself a break, have your dog make some new friends and let us welcome your furry friend into our family!

Norfolk MA Dog Walking

Lily at Norfolk Airport in Norfolk, MA

Top Rated Dog Walking Services in Norfolk

Hiring a dog walker gives you the peace of mind that your dog is well taken care of, even when you are not at home. With a daily Leashrly Life dog walk, you don’t have to worry as much if you need to stay late at work, or if your dog doesn’t “finish” when you take him out in the morning. Knowing that your dog will get quality time outdoors with one of our professional dog walkers during the day is quite reassuring. You can feel confident that you are doing the best you can do for your pup and that your dog is living a happy life! We offer different options to fit your needs such as in-neighborhood walks and on/off leash hikes in Norfolk or the surrounding area. The team at Leashrly Life has several dog walkers in Norfolk who are always available to help you and your family out when your furry friend needs company. Whether it’s a quick let out to go potty or a longer hike, we are here to care for your pet.

Best Dog Walkers in the Town of Norfolk

Leashrly Life was started in Norfolk, MA over 13 years ago. We have incredible relationships within the community. We deeply care for our clients and would love to be part of your family. We can customize a dog walking schedule that meets your needs, whether it’s a once a day extended walk or just a quick let out. We can even send you photos and leave you a note behind about the day. Our dog walkers are passionate about their jobs. They are professional, trustworthy, and dependable. Those qualities in our dog walkers are what make Leashrly Life the best choice for all of your dog walking needs. Simply call our references, speak to our customer care coordinator, and set up a FREE in person meeting so you can get to know us and your walker. We take the time to get to know you and your pet. And, we match a walker with your pet who will make the best fit for your household.

Why Choose Leashrly Life Dog Walking Services
of Norfolk, MA?

When looking for the best dog walking service in the local area, ask about Leashrly Life. Much better than any dog walking app, Leashrly Life offers many of the same conveniences and a lot more! With a long history of working with pets we learned so much, making your experience with us the best one you’ll ever have working with a dog walking service. Here’s what you can count on:

  • Caring, reliable, professional team members
  • A fast, easy, reliable online system to book, change or cancel appointments
  • A business with a long-standing history in pet care services
  • A company that is both insured and bonded
  • Easy online payment system
  • Tons of 5 star reviews

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