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Helpful Tips and Articles

Helpful Tips

Crate Training Crate training is the easiest way to prevent misbehavior such as inappropriate chewing or housebreaking accidents with your new puppy. These “dens” prevent a puppy from hurting himself or getting into trouble when you are away or cannot supervise. Do not use your puppy’s crate for discipline or punishment. Feed your puppy in the crate to allow a positive association to form. Never leave your puppy in the crate wearing any type of collar and remove potentially harmful objects. Use the crate even when you are home and not able to focus on your dog. Consult with your Leashrly Life trainer for more guidance.
What should children know about greeting a dog? 1) Always ask the owner’s permission before petting or playing with a dog. 2) Do not approach an unattended dog, even if you have greeted the dog before. 3) Do not disturb a dog that is sleeping, eating, or caring for puppies. 4) Do not tease a dog or reach through a fence to pet a dog. 5) Never put your hand between two dogs. 6) Never play with a dog unless supervised by an adult, even if you have played with the dog before. 7) If you do not have permission, never enter a yard with a dog in it. Wait for the owner to enter the yard with you. 8) Do not make loud noises or quick movements around dogs. Dogs and Kids
Treats Be sure snacks do not interfere with your dog’s eating habits. Some are so good that your dog might not eat his regular food, holding out for a later treat. The best snacks are hard, small milkbones, or their equivalents, as they are good for teething and rarely spoil appetites. These are not only healthy, but are a great way to help keep your dog’s teeth clean.
Rawhides pose potential health risks. Rawhide can cause either vomiting or diarrhea from the many pieces still sitting undigested in the GI tract. Swallowing large pieces can lodge in the throat and cause choking. Large pieces can also scrape and irritate the throat and esophagus. Once in the stomach or intestinal tract, rawhide may create a physical obstruction. Some rawhide may create a risk of Salmonella or have an arsenic-based preservative. Rawhides
Puppies Puppy training begins the moment you bring your new puppy home. Contact a trainer or your vet about a puppy preschool program that can assist you in raising a well mannered family pet. Puppy preschools are designed to teach owners to better understand their puppy’s needs, establish effective communication, curb behavior problems, and to show owners how to properly socialize their new puppy. Training can start as early as 8 weeks old.


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