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Welcome to Leashrly Life – think of us as your long-term pet care partner!! Leashrly Life offers you peace of mind while you are away from your pet. We consider it a privilege to be able to care for your trusted friend.  We think of every pet as a member of our very own family.

Leashrly Life is a personalized, customized service that provides caring, reliable, consistent and professional pet care services for your beloved family member(s). Our commitment to your furry friend(s) is unmatched by any other. We’re a team you can count on and trust. Whether you have one pet or multiple dogs, cats, birds or fish,
Leashrly Life is guaranteed to help!

While there may be other affordable alternatives to pet care, i.e. asking friends or neighbors to help, going with a singular walker or sitter, boarding your pet – these options are often not comfortable, consistent or reliable…not to mention the guilt one feels when having to ask for a favor!

When you choose Leashrly Life, not only do you have a qualified caretaker for your pet, but you also have trusted new friends who become caring partners for your animals. Once you begin working with us, you will immediately understand our philosophy and will learn first-hand why we say We Treat Every Pet As One Of Our Own.