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Dog Trainer

Leashrly Life has immediate openings for professional obedience trainers.


Job Requirements:


Applicant must have experience as a dog trainer and practice Reward based training. Knowledge and experience with a variety of breeds and temperaments necessary. Familiarity with learning theory a plus. Behavior experience and Rescue experience a plus.


Applicant must love and have a natural affinity for dogs, live in or near the communities Leashrly Life serves, and have the ability to board at least one dog in home for 14-days at a time should a client request residential training is a plus. The candidate must be a team player who loves helping people and their pets.  Position structure, scheduling, and pay assessed according to level of experience. Candidates need a flexible schedule and availability during evenings and weekends.


  • Professional Dog Training: 1-year minimum
  • Driver’s License




The successful candidate will be responsible for training and caring for dogs in private sessions and/or group classes.



* Ability to teach a dog basic obedience commands such as walking on a loose leash, heel, sit, down, place, come, no jumping on people, and stay

* Demonstrate Advanced Obedience skills

* Utilize various dog training tools such as clickers, marker words, proper food reinforcement, Easy Walk Harness, Gentle Leader, Halti, prong collar, E-Collar, and muzzle

Advancement opportunities available for the right candidate.

  • Training dogs to perform basic obedience commands in your home or clients’ homes
  • Supervising dogs during play sessions
  • Assisting and advising clients regarding care for dog’s health, exercise, and emotional well-being
  • Providing outstanding customer service and advice to client



* Must be able to hold a leash and control a dog that pulls and weighs up to 120 pounds

* Must be able to stand for long periods of time, walk a dog, and be comfortable training outdoors and in various weather conditions


Job Type: Part-time


Leashrly Life offers pet sitters competitive pay, flexible hours, and a supportive team of like-minded, caring animal lovers.