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Bikers Unite To Save Dog Stranded On Bridge

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A new video has emerged showing a group of bikers in Turkey coming together to save a stray dog stranded on a bridge, putting their own lives on the line to save the dog, on one of the busiest highway passages in Istanbul, Turkey.

It wasn’t quite clear how the pup ended up stranded on the highway, however, there was no time to fully investigate. There was a life at stake, and so the bikers united to form a human shield around the pup, escorting her to a safe pedestrian pathway where she could escape the traffic.

One of the motorists lingered behind to make sure the pup was fully out of danger before she disappeared into a crowd. Her full story may not be known, however, it is comforting to know that in her most desperate moment, warm-hearted people rallied together to help her.

The harrowing rescue was caught on camera and posted to Facebook in the video below:

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